“As a dance medicine physical therapist, I specialize in getting dancers back to the studio and stage as quickly as possible after a dance related injury. Dance technique is developed with repeated exposure to complex movement patterns, and as a result, repetitive stress injuries are common. Cross-training for dancers is vital. The Ellové Technique is a valuable way to incorporate principles that I use every day in the clinic.  Each Ellové class addresses the multi-faceted strength, power, flexibility and precision that dancers need. I recommend Ellové as a dance-specific injury prevention program to keep dancers healthy in the studio, and performing on stage”.

Amy Werner, DPT

Ellové is for everyone!

"My quest for a fitness routine which was good for my body and good for my soul ended after my first Ellové Technique class. It’s a brilliant combination of resistance training, yoga, Pilates and dance; while tough and demanding, it’s joyful and energizing; huge bonus: it’s done to the tunes of exquisitely curated playlists. I used to take yoga, Pilates and free weights classes at three different studios; now I have the best of all worlds in one studio at one class - a very effective yet graceful cross -training routine."

Joanna Nowak

"The Ellové Technique is relevant in today's dance culture. As a dancer, the Ellové Technique has improved my core strength and hyperextension issues. The well-rounded conditioning has improved my confidence through strengthening techniques, specialized exercises, and better body awareness. The instruction I received was very intuitive and mindful of my specific needs as a dancer. The Ellové Technique provides a superior opportunity to improve your performance."

Maggie Semmens

"I have been working out vigorously in a wide variety of ways for many years--spinning, biking, free-weights, step-aerobics, zumba and more. Because of The Ellové class, I am learning about my body's infrastructure-the importance of small muscles for balance, and the attraction of slow, careful and intense movement, the deliciousness of stretching in ways that both conform to my body and enable my moving beyond previous limits. The choice of music throughout adds another layer of both interest and inspiration. When I tried yoga, I ended up feeling discouraged because of all the things I seemed unable to do. With Ellové I have only a sense of promise."

Sherwin Davidson

"As a Naturopath I treat every patient in a multifaceted way.  I’m trying to find balance in their lives through diet, nutrition, exercise, physical and hormonal symmetry.   At the same time I’m providing treatments that are individualized for each patient.  Many of my patients are nervous to start a new exercise program, much less take a class, it’s intimidating they say.  I have patients who are lifting weights, but are never stretching so they are constantly injuring themselves.  I have patients who might occasionally do aerobic exercise, but are never lifting weights or doing any toning exercises so they are not feeling as strong as they would like.  I myself happened to stumble on Ellové and knew immediately it was going to be a hit.  You have a program that gives a little bit of it all to you, aerobic, toning, balancing, stretching.  It’s a perfect marriage of between dance, pilates, and yoga.  My patients are not only encouraged but excited about exercising because the instructors are so wonderful, knowledgeable and encouraging.  I have referred a lot of patients to Ellové and every single one of them have thanked me for the suggestion."  

Dr. Lindsey Nelson