We set out to create an ideal conditioning class for dancers. What evolved was a class for everyone.

Engaging in safe and effective approaches to cross-training, we are passionate about teaching and helping others feel amazing in their bodies.

Through classes, workshops, summer intensives,  and instructor trainings we are spreading the love of Ellové to studios across the country. 

The Ellové Technique has been taught Nationally to all levels at festivals and events including:

The Wisconsin Dance Council Dance Conference 2019 - Reedsburg, WI

Portland Wellness Week 2019 - Portland, OR

The Ballet Alliance 2019 Festival - Spokane, WA

Regional Dance America/MidStates 2019 Festival - Lawrence, KS

Oregon Dance Education Organization Conference 2019 - Portland, OR

1440 Multiversity (with Manisha Thakor, faculty) - Scotts Valley, CA

Regional Dance America/Pacific 2018 Festival - Spokane, WA

National Dance Education Organization 2018 Conference - San Diego, CA

Regional Dance America/Pacific 2016 Festival - Phoenix, AZ

Dance Educators Association of Washington 2016 Conference - Vancouver, WA